Next Time You Hear A Millennial Crying About Student Loan Debt Show Them This Man’s Sign!

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A few years back, I pulled a short stint as a long term substitute teacher in a high school in Appalachia. I become public enemy number one among my fellow teachers when word got around that I was telling students NOT to go to college when they asked about it. I referenced such facts as a shitty economy where you’d never find a job where you’d earn as much in five years as you’ll owe after four years of college should you take out loans. I also cited such facts as the way the economy has changed just in the past ten years. For example, the blog article you are reading right now. Tens of thousands of people who have no college education, but an understanding in modern technology and social media networking skills are making six digit incomes from home on their laptops either owning or writing for blogs or even creating and uploading videos to YouTube.

Anyway, it was recommended I “pursue other career options” so I took the advice and now make more in one month with my laptop and this website you’re currently reading than I would have in an entire year had I stayed in the pathetic public education system where they do little more than turn our children into drones, teaching them how to conform and obey.

This guy took a different approach. He did get an education, but he did it the smart way by not going into debt. Here’s how he did it.

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no student loan debt


The Giver

Knowledge is power. That, plus experience, leads to wisdom, which trumps education any day.