New Burial Method Allows You To Become A Tree After You Die

burial pod 1

We’ve come a long way as human beings in understanding a few things about death. Number one- it’s permanent (well, unless you’re Hindu, then you might come back as a cow), number two- you finally get to stop paying taxes (but in the U.S., they’ll still tax your estate, but that’s all your fault for dying), and number three- despite what happens to the ‘soul’ your body returns to the earth.

Some brilliant folks have come up with a way to allow your physical being, at least what’s left of it after decomposition, to live on in the form of a tree. At least, that’s a polite way of saying you can choose to use your body as fertilizer for a tree.

burial pod 2

With this new method of burial, your body is placed in a biodegradable pod and then a tree is planted on top of the pod. The roots, over time, will actually absorb your body as it degrades and use it as nourishment.

burial pod 3

So instead of visiting a dreary old cemetery to pay their respects to you, your future family members can walk through a sacred, beautiful forest and pay their respects.

burial pod 4

The idea was created by Italian designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel, pictured below, but so far Italian laws prohibit such burial methods. This idea could work anywhere, however, and I personally would love to see it catch on.

burial pod 5


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