National Review Report: Trump Dumping Cruz As VP After Voting Fraud Picking Up THIS Guy!

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Donald Trump won YUGE in New Hampshire! He and the American people have sent the traditional politicians around the country a very loud and clear message! We are sick and tired of business as usual, and we are ready for change! Real change! And we don’t want to give another politician who’s never done shi* in the real world another opportunity to mess us up more! We are ready to go with a man who has proven he can be successful in the real world, and we believe he’ll transfer that success to the White House.

It’s been assumed for some time that Trump would likely pick Texas Senator Ted Cruz as his running mate, because the two share similar views on many issues, but things changed when Cruz openly committed voter fraud in Iowa, by having his campaign lie about Dr. Ben Carson dropping out of the race after the caucuses, thereby stealing Carson’s votes, giving Cruz a shady win over Trump.

Media outlet National Review is reporting that Ohio Governor John Kasich has more than likely moved into the role of heir apparent for Trump’s VP, and after a strong second place finish in New Hampshire, this may be even more of a reality now.

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  • Michael Jones

    you still parading that lie? CNN started it, Cruz and the other hopefulls fordwarded it. Tell the truth or keep quiet.

    • Oh you mean the same CNN caught multiple times green screening fake war time stories and pushing false narratives, yea the anti-establishment Cruz using CNN as a source discredits him completely. He knew what he was doing. Trump 2016!

    • Tony

      Without verifying the story. Cruz had robo calls going out about it. Give Carson the votes Cruz stole and Trump wins IA easily.

  • Tony

    Good god not Kasich!! Fiorina or Huckabee or even Carson but good god not open borders, lefty Kasich!

  • Dan Theman

    Trump is very anti criminal and Kasich said he would never round up criminals. Seems they are polar opposite on this important issue.

  • Susan

    If it is Trump/Kasich – I will be a write in voter…

  • Frances Lucille Carlisle

    A Big FAT NO