NASA…Huge Fleet Of UFOs Are Hiding Behind The Moon!!!


A NASA and NSA consultant, Dr. Eric Norton, has confirmed that he has been tracking UFOs,  meteors/asteroids and comets, and any other potential threats from outer space to the United States for the last 12 years. In January of 2012, he identified information of a serious nature. He had noticed an enormous fleet of UFOs headed toward  the earth. Norton said “I saw plenty of huge, three dimensional space objects, flying in a straight line formation towards the Earth.”

The fleet was moving at speeds of a very high rate. They had flown millions of kilometers in just a 3 month time frame. Infrared spectrum pictures showed that the fleet had some kind of force field, similar to the earth’s magnetic field, that was deflecting particles to protect the fleet from damage.


By 2013, the UFOs had passed Mars and then they disappeared from our view. It is possible that they switched to some sort of invisible mode or had changed direction, but they have now resurfaced. Dr Norton is very concerned about this and said “I knew that the top level of authorities was worried about these findings, and that is why I was under constant protection of Secret Service agents. We spent the entire year of 2013 skeptically watching the skies. We didn’t know what was happening or where the spacecrafts disappeared. According to my calculations, the fleet should have been so close to our planet by then that everyone could see it even without a telescope. We didn’t know if they were still moving towards us, or they had already left the Solar system.”


The fleet of UFOs have since been filmed on the moon. The Ships were photographed by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbital Camera. The images were posted on Google Moon accidentally before being taken down. The images prove that the fleet has landed on the moon. The fleet landed in a crater the size of Chicago, so it is much larger than it had been thought to be.

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NASA sent up 3 Terrier-Orion rockets in a “Top Secret” mission, and the information has been withheld from the public. Dr. Norton said “When it comes to revealing information to the public, I have to be careful in order to protect myself”. Well, now the information has been released.

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  • Taylor Sheppard

    Update: NASA now believes they headed straight toward Uranus…