Mysterious Tree-Man Disease Identified: It Could Happen To You!


Dede Koswara before.


Dede Koswara after.

Many of you might remember this case from a few years back.  An Indonesian fellow named Dede Koswara has this serious condition something like abnormal warts that covers his body with Cutaneous horns, or cornu cutaneum.  The ‘horns’ are made of keratin, the same stuff fingernails are made of, and sprout from wart-like tumors that seem to appear on parts of the body that are more routinely exposed to sunlight, though they do also occasionally appear on more… intimate… body parts.  In most cases they are benign, but in several they have proven to be quite painful and obtrusive, such as in the case of Dede Koswara.

In Dede’s case, it seems that a year after the surgery made famous by the Discovery Channel, his condition remains.

Here are some other images of cutaneous horns:


…And for a more in-depth look, check out Dede’s story on this Youtube documentary:

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