Muslims Just Got Some Really BAD News…This Could Be DEVASTATING To Their Religion!!!


Scientists and historians in England have discovered a Koran that scientists date to between 568AD and 654AD making it the oldest Koran in existence. What makes this interesting is that these newly discovered fragments may actually predate, in other words, be older than the Prophet Muhammad and could even rewrite the early history of Islam.

That would mean that the their religion is built entirely on false claims. This is really bad news for Muslims lol!

‘It destabilizes, to put it mildly, the idea that we can know anything with certainty about how the Koran emerged – and that in turn has implications for the history of Muhammad and the Companions.’ Historian Tom Holland said.


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  • Dolph

    A good man knows his heart, helps his brother and respects opinion other than his own. They’ll be uncovering scrolls and bits of parchment for years to come, to finally conclude all religion started as one. A tribe that understood respect, fellowship and love. What has been exploited, manipulated and distorted is what we have now. I believe islam is a masqueraded political movement …as have other religions been guilty of themselves.