Muslim Man Grabs Her From Crowd! Throws Her To Ground! Begins Sawing Her Head! Then THIS Happened!

muslims tried to kill this skinny hottie

This 26 year old young lady was visiting friends and family in Rome this past summer when she learned first hand that there is no difference between a “radical” Muslim and a “moderate” Muslim. They’re all insane and they all look for soft targets upon which to reek the havoc of their twisted ideology known as Islam, which U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, swears in a ‘beautiful religion of peace.’

The young lady, Chiara Frisco, was with a group of tourists visiting the old coliseum in Rome, when a filthy Muslim grabbed her from the crowd, threw her to her knees and then held a knife to her neck. He began chanting all that ‘Allah Akbar- Alloha Snackbar” crap those filthy pigs chant as they inflict ignorance and terror on a civilized world. Frisco claims it all happened so fast, yet seemed like it was happening in slow motion at the same time.

The dirty, filthy, and no doubt, stinky Muslim began sawing off her head, but fortunately police were able to make their way to the ignorant, inbred goat humper and stop him just in time before the blade actually pierced this young woman’s beautiful skin.

Remember this tale of Islam in real life as Hussein Obama brings tens of thousands of Muslims to the U.S. over the next couple of years under the guise of “refugee amnesty.”


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    Obama’s Religion of Peace in action……