More Proof That Obama Is An Alien!!!

We have a fraudulent man running OUR country! And our politicians do nothing! Most have dirty hands from lobby money. We have the richest group of politicians in the history of our country. Let a business man like Mr Trump give it a whirl. I bet we get back on our feet, because he owes no one anything. “He is the only man besides Ben Carson to be able to say that,” said Marylou Barnwell.

Let me hear your thoughts.


Photos from Ashley Fontera

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  • Dennis Latham

    I don’t care what anyone else says. I think he’s the worst president we’ve ever had and has got us into more debt and more wars and hates the military and is a follower of Communist doctrine. Anyone else, and I mean anyone else who had questionable relatives in foreign countries, who used to hang with people who hate America and preach against our country, anyone else would not have been able to run for president. This guy came out of nowhere with virtually no job history and was put in the position of political puppet just like all the politicians of both parties. I still believe his purpose has been to destroy America, and anyone who says we are better off now than we were before is either nuts or living totally off the government. Just like Hillary running for president and has never once accomplished anything other than surviving a cheating husband and raping the taxpayer. Name one positive accomplishment she has done in the political arena that did something for the people of America, just one. One man tells the truth about what working people think and the whole political machine rises up to discredit him because he can’t be bought off. This is a riot. Politicians actually have to start telling the truth and everyone attacks Trump so they can try to get publicity. Great stuff.

  • Jennifer Lynn Baker-Bortz

    I totally disagree regarding trump. Hes good at hiding money and throwing money away. Hes filled bankruptcy several times. Hes ran a couple times in the past and dropped out.

    No one is giving Robert MacLeod Jr any air time. Hes running Hes what this country needs. Hes got no one is his pocket. Hes only has love for this country.

    • Angelike Mishele Adams

      All of.our presidential candidates are a joke. As for Barack Obama he is a flipping joke he hates our country and is trying so hard to destroy everything our founding fathers believed in. I mean when 5 unarmed men who fought for our freedom were gunned down and killed in Chattanooga he sat down in his chair, but when Whitney freaking Houston overdosed he lowered the white house flags. I mean come on people open your flipping eyes, he is not on our side and he never was

  • There is nothing we can do about this, It’s too late…
    If this even comes up during this election against Trump, it will muddy the water and we don’t need old news, that WE already knew, coming back to bite Trump in the ass while he is at the top of the polls. The country is sick of hearing the birther theory, regardless if it’s true. All of it should have been vetted back in 2008, not now….
    Trump is doing and saying all the right stuff, He’s getting attention of the uninformed voters and waking them up. Let it rest, The truth will always come out but won’t change the last 6 1/2 years of damage

  • Chris Silvey

    Well could be fake, could be real. At least we know for sure his long form birth certificate is 100% fake.

  • Ben Sunness

    Tim Cross is out of line with the racist nonsense .That aside, I would refer him to the proof that Obama is a fake , a phony and a fraud.

  • Mike Davis

    this is just to let you know WHO runs the USA and its not the voters. The Beltway thieves and greedy corporate lobbyists run the show. But their time has come they have been discovered and will be removed or jailed within the next 4 years

  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    BHO must be relieved of his duties as potus, by arrest, charged with fraud, treason, obstruction of justice, and put in jail under no bond, before he can totally destroy OUR America. He has not succeeded in turning America into a third world country yet, and he will need another four years, under martial law, to accomplish this. Clinton will not become POTUS. BHO will not allow Trump to become POTUS.

    Seems like this election can only go two ways. As we get closer to the November election, if it looks like HRC will win, then she will become potus. If it should look like Trump will win, that is when BHO will enable a false flag event that will allow him to declare martial law. Suspending or cancelling the election and suspending the Constitution will allow him to remain in the White House indefinitely. I do not believe that BHO will turn the presidency over to Trump, as Trump will do everything he can to overturn all of bho’s policys and executive orders, as well as seek to bring criminal charges against him and HRC.