Monica Lewinsky Comes Back To Haunt Hillary Clinton – Drops Bombshell That Could Destroy Her Campaign

Monica Haunuts Hillary

“Crooked” Hillary Clinton has been dogged by scandal after scandal during her Presidential campaign, but one old dog has been rearing its ugly head her way for more than twenty years now.

Everyone and their pet goldfish knows that Monica Lewinsky, though only one of God knows how many women Bill Clinton had sex with while in office, is the most famous mistress Bill Clinton ever had, because she’s the one he got busted with. However, a couple of new revelations about Bill’s sex-capades have come to light this week and they both threaten Crooked Hillary’s campaign.

bill and monica

Perhaps most shocking was the revelation that ‘ol Slick Willy was laying the stick to former Vice-President Walter Mondale’s daughter, Eleanor Mondale, while he was President.

Ealenor Mondale

One of Slick Willy’s former secret service agents, Gary J Byrne, has written a new book titled, “Crisis of Character,” in which he depicts what it was like being President Clinton’s personal sex body guard.

In his book, Byrne writes of the time that Monica showed up while Slick Willy was still laying the pipe to Mondale. Monica was not too happy about having to wait, and lamented, “Why would he want anyone else when he has this!” She ran her hands down the length of her body, as if showcasing it on a runway.

As more of these stories come to light, Hillary continues to lose credibility, though it is doubtful any revelation about her could cause her to lose her true base of communist, socialist, angry feminist lesbians, and radical Muslim sympathizers who believe adult males in Appalachia who have sex with children should be jailed, yet adult males in the Middle East who have sex with children should be given a free pass due to ‘culture.’


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  • Goldie Chaplan

    sure don’t need them to be back in the white House.

  • charleyhog

    we need hillary & bill in prison where they belong

  • Carol_in_Florida

    This won’t do a thing to Hillary’s campaign…why don’t you find more substantial stuff that would really do damage?

    • mackelby

      you are correct, because liberals love this kind of stuff!

  • Michael Sardynski

    If she gets elected I’m sure she’ll put Bill in charge of interviewing for Intern positions