Mom Fed Up With Girl’s Messy Room, EPIC Solution Has Some Calling CPS

call cps

If you’re over thirty, you probably remember a time when parents were allowed to discipline and punish their children without the State getting involved. However, parenting has been taken over by the Government, it seems, and we are now seeing the results of that with a new generation of whiny little bitches that are the Millennial Generation.

Safe zones have been set up in public school and on college campuses where these weak minded and thin skinned miscreants can go sit and rock to avoid the harsh realities of… reality. Hell, even in the U.S. Army, “stress cards” are issued to this new generation of Americans, and if a drill sergeant is yelling too much at them, they can pull the stress card out of their pockets and the DS has to walk away. Let’s hope those stress cards work on the Muslim terrorists once these whiny little bitches deploy.

buy back mom

Alice Velásquez, the mother pictured with her daughter, above, was tired of her daughter’s messy room, so she went in and bagged up all the filth, as can be seen below.

buy back

She told her daughter she could buy back her belongings at a price of $5 per bag. Her idea was so ingenious, she shared in on social media.

That’s when the trouble started.

Some ‘do-gooders’ viewed this as abuse and decided to call CPS and report this creative thinking mother for abuse. Many of them posted threats to the mom on Facebook.

Mom stood her ground, and her daughter has since bought back all of her belongings. Should CPS show up to inspect the home, at least they’ll find that the daughter’s room is now clean.

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