Mobile Meth Labs On The Rise And You Won’t Believe How Ridiculous Some Of Them Are


It seems that meth manufactures across the U.S. have taken a page out of former Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein’s playbook and put their meth labs on wheels. Recently, in Lenox Township, Pennsylvania, at a small gas station just off of Interstate 81, a mobile meth lab was busted, and the situation was just one of many similar occurrences that seem to be happening as of late. And we won’t even get into the meth labs that are being found inside of Walmarts (just one more reason I never go).

Now, with this said, it seems that some of the folks in West Virginia either didn’t get the memo on keeping the mobile meth labs safely hidden within the confines of vehicles, like every chimo’s favorite mode of transportation, windowless vans (see example below), and have been using bicycles for their mobile meth lab means.

mobile meth lab 2

Last summer, authorities in Welch, West Virginia arrested one Dennis Baker while he was riding around on a bicycle, cooking off meth in his backpack. A similar tweeker was arrested in Indiana shortly before that for the same reason. Here’s a look at his mobile meth lab:


So, the question many of us who do not use meth often asks is, “Just what is meth?” Well, watch the short clip below to find out. You’ll see it is the most disgusting, dangerous mixture of toxic garbage that anyone could put in their body, yet so many Americans, especially lower class white Americans, have been completely destroying their lives with it for more than a decade now.

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