Missing Louisiana Refugee Found, And It’s MUCH WORSE Than Anyone Thought

missing muslim found

We reported recently of how one Syrian “refugee” had already gone missing in Baton Rouge. He simply got off the boat with the rest of the strong, prime of their lives males (we won’t use the term “men” here, as men would not leave their women and children behind in a war zone, but rather fight to the death to defend them and their land), and then he reported to a Catholic mission. Then? He just vanished.

After coming under scrutiny for the ordeal, the Catholics at the mission have now reported that the “refugee” is on his way to D.C. That’s right, folks! This potentially lone wolf Muslim terrorists is travelling to our nation’s capital, if he’s not reached his destination already.

The Muslims have announced plans to attack us in D.C., as well as New York, L.A., and all other major American cities. Could this “missing refugee” be part of that plan? The Catholic leadership from where this third world miscreant disappeared claims he has family in D.C., but if you ask us, we believe he has plans to carry out.

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