Minorities Supporting One Candidate More Than All Others And It’s Not Who You Think It Is!!


Results from a new World Net Daily/Clout poll conducted by Clout Research, a Columbus, Ohio national research firm produced some staggering numbers.  Clout did a telephone survey from December 18 to December 27 (not including Christmas day) of registered voters.  This survey is said to have a 3.35 +/- margin of error, which is basically insignificant with these astronomical numbers.

Although the lame stream media, elite liberals and establishment GOP would like the world to believe that Trump has the support of white voters only, that isn’t true and it won’t take long for this news to get out.

It seems Trump’s anti-establishment, anti-government, non-politically correct anthem is also appealing to minorities, 40% of Blacks are now behind Trump, along with 45% of Hispanics (that’s really gotta hurt Jebber’s feelings) and almost 19% of Asians.  The poll also shows that Blacks and HIspanics support Trump at even higher numbers than whites.

Dr. Ben Carson is the only other candidate receiving more support, 50%, from the black community than Trump.  Trump has the most support from Hispanics and Senator Marco Rubio is winning the most support from Asians, 37.5%.  Senator Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are tied at 18.8% of Asian supporters.

Trump has 37.7% of the support of whites with Cruz in second place with 25.1%.

Rankings have Trump in the number 1 position, Cruz at number 23.3%, Rubio in third with 10.1%, Carson at number 4 with 9.4% and finally Jeb Bush in fifth place with a paltry 6%.

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