Mind Blowing Proof!!! The Earth Is Not Spinning After All…


24 hour time lapse of Arctic sun PROVES, with no doubt, the Earth does not move. Proof anyone should be able to understand. Do you still want someone to video 24 hours of sunlight in Antarctica? This is something ALL should be able to get. Anyone still up for the Global Earth Challenge?



by MrThriveAndSurvive

(Before It’s News)




  • Steven Strawn

    Sorry to say but this guy must have taken some real good drugs ……what does the other billion or so stars do all day orbit Pluto? What a moron!!!!

  • Jarhead68

    I’m just shaking my head in amazement that this guy actually made this video and embarrassed himself this way. Did he just get transported from the 12th century and miss all of the space exploration of the last 60 years?

  • Jarhead68

    A true flat-earther.