Military Intelligence: 72 Hours Before Paris Attacks, Social Media Accounts Linked To ISIS Revealed Plans!!



How does this happen?  How can all this information be available just a few days AFTER the attacks in Paris but not enough was known to prevent the attacks or at the very least warn the citizens of the possibility??  I call bullsh*t, France is looking in every location that could harbor the terrorists involved (did they just receive a map to these places??), they’re bombing strategic locations where ISIS operates (jets in the repair shop last week?) and now we find out there were direct references to terror attacks in Paris?  This is all just too bizarre…

In the days before Islamic terrorists attacked multiple targets in Paris, ISIS openly took to social media to wish the attackers success.

A military intelligence source told Fox News that 72 hours before the attacks, four separate ISIS-linked social media accounts started sharing messages that included images of weapons and the Eiffel Tower. The source said the messages were most likely a signal that the teams of terrorists that killed 129 people Friday in Paris were operational.

Blessings were shared for the terrorists’ mission, the source said.  “God bless you in your mission,” read one message.  “Support the deployment,” said another. One reference to “sister” has authorities exploring the possibility that one attacker was a woman.

Meanwhile, The Daily Telegraph reported that a senior Iraqi intelligence official had warned the coalition of nations attacking ISIS in Syria of a looming threat of “bombings or assassinations or hostage taking” last Thursday. No further details were revealed.

As agencies investigate Friday’s attacks, they are also desperately working to stop the next one.  “I would anticipate that this is not the only operation (ISIS) has in the pipeline,” said CIA Director John Brennan.  “Security and intelligence services right now are working feverishly to see what else they can do in terms of uncovering it,” he added.  Brennan said the attack showed careful planning.  “This was not something done in a matter of days. This is something that was carefully and deliberately planned over the course of several months in terms of whether they had the operatives, the weapons, explosives, suicide belts.”

FBI Director James Comey said the FBI is increasing its investigations into potential ISIS terrorists in the United States. He said there are already 900 active ISIS investigations in the U.S.

900 active??  Hey guys, how about we close a couple of those up by, I don’t know, maybe arresting the terrorists??

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