Military-Industrial Complex Sparks Quakes in the Heartland Of America!


Many parts of Texas are feeling the effects of the Military-Industrial Complex as the current administration does nothing to stem the tide of disaster looming on the horizon.

Some places in Texas that have not had earthquakes in 150 years felt more than 25 tremors in 2013 and 2014, and the worst is yet to come.

Many scientists seem to think these new earthquakes are the result of oil and gas operations in the affected regions, much like sinkholes that have been appearing in flatlands like Florida in recent years.  It seems that the more we take, the more the Earth gives back in the form of trouble.  Did no one assume that removing a few hundred cubic miles of matter would leave a gaping hole that would want to fill itself in?  Maybe we forgot the basic lessons taught to us by clear plastic ant farms in our childhoods.  Then again, maybe those who do most of the drilling never had an ant farm.

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