Migrants Rape Little Girls On Playground, School Has 4 Words For Victims

raped on playground

The practitioners of the religion of peace are bringing their heinous ways to the West with them, as they come over by the hundreds of thousands┬áseeking refuge in soft nations, because they don’t have the spine to stand up and fight for their countries.

Being that the West is soft and politically correct, not only are these migrants being housed and fed for free, but most Westerners are turning a blind eye to their “cultural” ways of living like animals (urinating and defecating in their sleeping quarters) and raping any female of any age and boys at will.

Recently, on a public school playground in Sweden, two male migrant children from one of several African nations felt the need to fondle and grope two grade school girls on the playground. One of the boys was having so much fun that he decided to take it a step farther and he dragged the girl into the bushes and raped her.

School officials did nothing in regard to the crime. Actually, when one of the fathers of one of the victims found out what had happened to his young daughter, he went to the school and demanded action be taken against the young rapist. The school, obviously more concerned with offending someone from another nation, and more than likely a practitioner of the religion of peace, merely said to the father, “boys will be boys.”

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