Michelle Obama Reveals What She’ll Do After Leaving White House – This Is NOT Good

michelle obama announcement

Most Americans are looking forward to the upcoming new year already, not because 2016’s been bad, but because shortly after its arrival, Hussein Obama, the worst President in U.S. history- bar none- will be leaving office.

Many people are equally, if not more happy, that his shemale looking of a wife, Michelle, a.k.a. ‘the Mooch’ will be leaving office right along with him. However, according to a recent report from Yahoo News, the Mooch may not quite be leaving the public’s eye.

According to the report from Yahoo, the Mooch is considering starting her own television show, much like Oprah’s, called “The Michelle Show.” She would guest host celebrities, discuss current trends, fashions and issues, and of course, continue to spew leftist political gobbledy gook to brain wash the masses.

It’s also being rumored that she may take over the Presidency of some liberal, quasi-socialist college in order to indoctrinate young Americans further, particularly young black Americans into becoming the personification of victim-hood.

The Mooch has practically ruined the public school’s lunch program with her initiatives in which she’s dictated that the kids eat Dickensian gruel and muck, and it appears that if she has her way, she will remain for a long time to haunt the current generation whose diets she completely ruined.

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  • It’s funny that you accuse others of doing the same exact things you’re doing yourself. Good job.

  • Waddymellons

    Again,notice the thing looks pissed off as usual, it is NEVER happy.Probably because her husbands male part id bigger than her’s!

    • Red Five

      I wouldn’t go that far. I always figured that Barry was the “catcher” in that relationship. “Her” usually angry visage is probably just jealousy; maybe Barry is marginally bi and occasionally likes to get bent the normal way, which may explain why “she” looks so angry when “she’s” standing next to Carla Bruni.

  • The Quadfather


  • Owen Davis

    Go ahead and show ’em ur Pud, Mooseshell !

    • “The Eastern Diamondback”

      LOL…LOL…LMAO! Thanks! I needed a laugh! That’s disgusting!

      You really deserve an award.

  • Red Five

    May I suggest that the main text body of your articles be left-aligned instead of center-aligned? Center is sort of difficult to read beyond one or 2 lines of text.

  • oldman67

    And i am sure millions of women will watch the show.

    • Marilyn S

      Not this woman!

      • MARYANN33

        Hollywood would watch her.

  • Yvette

    My TV has an off button and I can change the channel any time I want…..

    • MARYANN33

      Only the insane would watch that show….Didn’t she lose her law license?

  • ben

    Michelle Obama is a man she needs to call it Michael Obama The Man Show

    • pattiespups

      i have heard this many times,

    • Sharen Mclean

      I’m sorry but where do you get this notion that Michelle is a guy?? Going by looks?? What info do you have that she is a man !! I know OB is gay, but Michelle transgendered?? Come on!!

      • ben

        She has an Adam’s apple she has a man’s body she has a weenie and Obama and her or him promote homosexuality and transgenderism and what better way to promote it as president

        • MARYANN33

          The odd couple!!!!!!

      • MARYANN33

        By what has showed up publically when she does not wear full skirts…The stuff is there….

  • HESpecialist

    Hasn’t the country suffered enough! Any network exec stupid enough to give “Michelle” Obama a daytime slot deserves to be run out of the business.

    • pattiespups

      Amen to that, gezzz !

  • pattiespups

    I won’t be watching that’s for sure, O you should be ashamed

  • pattiespups

    you manly beast , even if your not a transgender

  • I figured he/she would work out of some room in a Bath House, doing tricks on older Gays, like Barry did before he had his homo ex-lovers killed and went into politics. He was well liked by the older Gay Crowd in Chicago.


    She should be arrested with her husband. She is a man.