Michelle Obama Panicked After Damning Image Goes Viral- See It Before It’s Deleted!

slave house 4

Every time The Mooch opens her mouth, we’re never sure what’s going to come out. However, we’re sure it’s going to be quasi-racist, blaming white people or history for something.

In a recent graduation speech to a black college, she lamented the woes of waking up each morning in a ‘house built by slaves.’

Here is here quote, courtesy of liberal rag Huffington Post:

slave house 1

Let’s fight this picture with a couple others. The one below shows her the best alternative she has if it really bothers her that much.

slave house 2

And then, there is this one, which puts it in the perspective of reality.

slave house 3

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  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    She is definitely not the flotus……

  • So happy when the Kenyan Queen, his Tranny, and the two adopted girls are gone. Nothing against the girls, they can’t help who adopts them.