Megyn Kelly Shocks Fans With MAJOR Announcement! Should Fox News Fire Her?


Megyn Kelly is a turncoat, and it amazes me that she’s still working for an allegedly “fair and balanced” news network, as she’s obviously chosen the side of the leftist liberals.

Kelly showed her true colors last year at the first Republican Presidential debate, during which she viciously attacked our next President, Donald J. Trump, on a personal level. Surprisingly, Fox News did NOT fire Kelly, rather, they sided with her over Trump, and the move merely seemed to embolden her to continue down her leftist path.

It’s recently been announced that Kelly will be hosting the VIP breakfast being held for the Hollywood Women Reporters organization later this month, an organization made up of socialistic/Marxist women, and they seem all too eager to welcome the now, fully liberal Megyn Kelly into their fold with the invite.

From media outlet American Updater:

“Megyn Kelly repeatedly has proved her independence and leadership this election year, kicking off and continuing an important discussion about gender following her news-making performance at the first Republican debate,” said Janice Min, president and chief creative officer of The Hollywood Reporter-Billboard Media Group, in a statement. “Not surprisingly, she stood her ground under attack in ways that made all media — and women — applaud.”

Perhaps Kelly is hoping for a Clinton win and she thinks she’ll get to be White House Press Secretary in a Crooked Hillary administration?

Who knows, but Fox News needs to get rid of this bimbo now, before she entire destroys their network.

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The Giver

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  • Tom

    It is way past time for FOX to cut ties with this progressive liberal.