Megyn Kelly Challenges Donald Trump – He SILENCES Her With THIS


Megyn Kelly must have thought that if she could embarrass Donald J. Trump that it would catapult her already successful career. She tried to do just that last year during the very first Republican Presidential debate when she went after Trump on a personal level. While she asked other candidates, like Little Marco Rubio, Lyin’ Ted Cruz, and Cry Baby Mamma’s Boy Jeb Bush political questions, she asked Trump personal questions, specifically, about why he said mean things like calling Rosie O’donnell fat. Unfortunately for Miss Kelly, it backfired on her. It allowed Trump to soar even higher in popularity, and she saw her own public opinion ratings plummet.

Recently, Trump spoke to yet another sellout, standing room only crowd in Las Vegas. News casters were in attendance galore, but unfortunately, for Miss Kelly, she found herself in the audience, and she did not get to have her once marginally pretty (if you were drunk or desperate) face on the telly.

Trump had fun in Tweeting about it:


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