Megan Kelly Sucks! Top Comments From HER Facebook Page!

megyn kelly sucks

Megyn Kelly showed her true colors at the first Republican candidate debate. She proved that she’s been bought and sold by the Republican establishment, and is more concerned with the party itself than she is the conservative Americans who typically follow it.

A recent comment on The Revolution’s Facebook page claimed the negative comments on her page outnumbered supportive comments 200 to 1. Out of curiosity, we went there to see if this was accurate, and we found it was not. The true numbers are more like 400 to 1. Here are some of the top comments, and we actually gave up trying to find anything positive about her after scrolling down through hundreds of the negative:

Fox and you were the losers last night Megyn, not Trump.

I am assuming FOX News is in bed with the GOP Establishment ..Yall were pretty good at hiding it until last night..Disappointed in FOX for being Republican instead of representing the Conservative movement..Why represent a GOP Establishment when McConnell said the other day that he won’t defund funding to Planned Parenthood and won’t fight the immigration topic, and won’t have a backbone to the Democrats?? Mainstreet America has grit and fight to make it..I wish the Republicans had it in themselves as well..Who helped with the questions? Karl Rove?

Fox had a chance to educate the public last night. Instead you played gotcha politics. MSNBC could have done better. Huge audience and you blew it.

You were rotten last night. Blew it completely. Had a chance to educate the public and instead were petty and childish. What a ruined opportunity, and it’s going to be hard to get your respect back. It is NOT ABOUT YOU. Sorry, but so disappointed in your behavior last night.

Won’t be following fox news or Megyn Kelly anymore after last night. Disappointed

Still haven’t outgrown that high school mean girl phase, huh? You ruined what could have been an epic debate last night.

Megan bought and paid for by the establishment. So disappointed

Our nation is pushing 20 trillion in debt, Iran is getting nukes, ISIS is chopping off Americans heads and burning people alive in cages, our government is paying an agency to chop up and sell the body parts of aborted babies and YOU are asking a candidate to address an imaginary war on women issue created by the Democratic Party? Shame on you kelly

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  • Boie Macho

    FOX was very generous giving air time to Trump for the last three, four months, then suddenly, they try to sabotage him? Uh-oh…. It seems the millions of mulah from Obama’s crook extravagant supporters are talking. I know, they will do whatever it takes to STOP Trump to become president or otherwise, Trump will wipe them out and throw them to prison together with Obama and Hillary.

    • Jim Stoutenger


  • Mike McCormack

    I gave up watching cable TV since 2008. Ask yourself this.. How much money a year would you save by NOT giving it to a bunch of greedy biased media clowns that have no problem lying and mis-leading Americans..

    There’s better things you could be doing with your life than sit and watch that Kardashians, who cares about a pack of cranky women on the view. Really how has this crap improved the quality of your life..

    Dump the media !! ALL of them !

    • Paul

      your an idiot , how else will you keep up w/ whats going on ? you must be a inbred liberal !

  • Ben Tarpley

    I have always been a staunch supporter of FOX even though Sean Hannity is terrible about not presenting the complete story at times including stretching the truth whenever he can. However, anyone with average intelligence and reasoning skills could see what the goal and agenda was for Megyn Kelly. It was to hopefully to take Trump out of the equation by asking demeaning and not meaningful pertinent questions. I no longer watch her, Hannity or the immature comedians on the segment called The Five.

  • Craig

    Kelly’s 13th Street hooker hairdo sucks, too.

  • micha

    megan kelly is a twatwaffle

  • E;f

    Megyn sucks but so does the rest of the Media. The other major networks are all pro Dem.