Mega-Quake Update; “Everything West Of I-5 Will Be Destroyed”


That’s what this scientist says in this video, “Everything West Of I-5 Will Be Destroyed.”  Read that again and think of what it means.  Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego… all are connected by the I-5.  For many, this would be a nice change of pace… a cleansing of sorts.  However, for those who live in the affected areas, this will be hell on Earth.

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  • Larry Monske

    These people start this crap it dont happen and one career ending event can happen around predicting earthquakes. Seattle are experiences 15,000 quakes a year most are too small they cant be felt. A bunch of little quakes can mean two things stress is relived and a larger series follows it up. The subduction faults are moving from California to the Aleutions is moving north and California wants to be stationary.