Meet The King And Queen Of Jordan And Prepare To Be Impressed

king and queen jordan

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Jordan’s Warrior King Abdullah II, right, served 35 years in the military and was at one point head of the Special Forces. He is a skilled Cobra combat helicopter pilot and graduate of one of the U.K.’s most prestigious military academies. He was post-graduate educated in the United States at Georgetown University.

King Queen Jordan family
His wife, Queen Rania Al-Abdullah, is his ONLY wife. Warrior King Abdullah is the first King of Jordan to forgo the Islamic belief that multiple wives is perfectly okay, and has respected his beautiful mate, who by the way, has FOUR children, and a degree from American University in Cairo, by having her as his soul and single mate. Queen Rania has worked for both Citi-bank and Apple and she refuses to hide her world-class beauty via a burka. Now, how do you stack this couple up compared to the President and First Lady of the United States?

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