Meet Jade Helm The Man Whose Name All Americans Should Fear!

Jade Helm

It seems that everyone in the United State is talking about Jade Helm. A lot of them, unclear of the facts, are asking, ‘what is Jade Helm?’  Well, it’s the acronym for a military operation currently underway in several southern states, but actually, it’s more than just an acronym. The acronym stands for “Joint Assistant for Development and Execution along with Homeland Eradication of Local Militants.”

However, it was actually devised after the name of a real man in history, that man being, of course, Jade Helm. So now, one asks, who was Jade Helm?

Mr. Helm is no stranger to the U.S. Government. Actually, he was once in their employ. At least back when the U.S. was nothing but British colonies.

There is no birth or death record for Helm, but it is believed he was born in the Massachusetts Bay area, now famous for the location of the Salem Witch Trials. Those trials, as a matter of fact, are part of his story and the series of events that would eventually lead to his destruction and mysterious disappearance.

From an early age, Helm showed the amazing ability of being able to predict the future. His teachers first noticed it when he demanded the children in his small, one room school house not to be allowed to swim in the swimming hole below the school one day after classes. The teachers, thinking he was just an odd little boy, ignored his pleas. That afternoon, a huge sycamore tree that had stood on the bank of the stream beside the swimming hole for centuries fell due to old age and erosion of the bank, and three of the children swimming were pinned under its weight and drowned.

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After this incident, people listened when young Jade Helm talked. Throughout his childhood years, he saved several families from house fires, several others from timbering accidents, and once, he saved an entire village from a flood. When he warned the small town of an impending storm of unprecedented strength, though the skies were clear, they heeded his advice and left for higher ground. Every house in the village was wiped out by the largest flood any of them had seen up to that time in history only hours later.

It’s no surprise that the English officials who oversaw the Colony soon took note as well, and when Helm was of age, they offered him a spot working for the Governor. He was shipped to England, where he met his new master, who like most English Governors, had never even visited the new world. The Governor, whose name has been lost to history, enlisted Helm to predicting the future of the English colonies in the new world for as far out as his ‘third eye’ could see.

Helm returned to the colonies and set to task. In six months he’d come up with the future of the colonies for the next 400 years. A Governor’s agent took Helm’s predictions back to England. The Governor had hoped to profit financially by knowing where to invest his money by knowing the future. However, when he read Helm’s report, he viewed the entire work as “treason” for he saw in the future the people of the colonies rebelling against the King and taking charge of their own land. Helm foresaw this new world becoming the richest, most powerful nation on earth, one that the British Empire, at the peak of her heyday, would bow down to in greatness.

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Irate, the Governor dispatched soldiers to kill Helm and any direct descendents of his who ‘may also carry this strange disease.’ This, my friends, is a part of history that has intentionally been lost to re-writings. You see, the Salem Witch Trials actually had very little to do with the false accusations of a married woman having supernatural powers made by a young teen girl who had a crush on that woman’s husband, though that is part of the story, as much as it did the entire anhialation of what may have been a subspecies of human beings who could look into the future and see what was coming. Most of the women murdered by the powers that be during the Salem Witch trials were directly related to Jade Helm.

What became of Helm?

Of course, Helm could see his own future, so by the time the Governor’s agents returned for him from England, he was long gone. He’d left a note, but it was not a suicide note of any kind, nor was it a reference in regard to where he was going. It was a simple message that read thus:

“The South Shall Rise Again.”

No one, at the time, had any idea what this message meant, but in the coming days, under the military exercise known as Jade Helm, the world may come to understand Helm’s final message.

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Breaking News! JADE HELM Anagram Deciphered! We’re All Dead!

jade helm anagram

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  • Jordan

    Were can I find out more info on him

  • Mic

    Jade… From the name of the precious stone that is often used in carvings. It is derived from Spanish (piedra de la) ijada meaning “(stone of the) flank”, relating to the belief that jade could cure renal colic. As a given name, it came into general use during the 1970s…..Try again.

  • Mic
    • William Morris

      I knew it couldn’t be him as photography wasn’t invented until decades later. Too bad people have to make stuff up to hype something that actually could be serious. Regardless of the hype, there is a reason why Police and Military should be completely separate entities. Police are to protect us from Domestic Crime/Terror. They are led by Local and State government. The Military are to protect us from Foreign Terror/Invasion. They are led by the Federal government, i.e. Obama. National Guard is for emergencies only inside the U.S. This is an issue of Separation of Power and States Rights. Jade Helm should not happen REGARDLESS of any ulterior motives.

  • oldpaths

    The salem witch trials were almost a 100 years before the revolutionary war….stupid…

    • Which is why it is said that he PREDICTED the coming revolution. Not sure if the story is true. But it was an interesting read.

    • Jeffery Ogle

      Native American’s were the only people in North America 100 years before the Revolutionary War. Stupid

      • Skeptical Skeptic

        Jeffery Ogle — no…there were European settlers in North America in the mid-1500’s. The British were along the what is now New England to the Carolinas. The Dutch were in New York. The Spanish were in the Gulf Coast.

        As for the story above — well — it’s a fascinating read, but I want to see the source documentation.

    • Doug

      Read again…it doesn’t state the trials vs revolution time line.

  • DocMcStuffin

    This sounds like a serious load of bull. I cannot find a single thing to corroborate this story. If you are going to post something like this you should have some sources to cite if you want people to take it seriously.

  • Liam Taggart

    This is ridiculous. What is your game ‘The Giver’? The Salem trials occurred in 1693, yet the camera that supposedly took the picture of this so called ‘Jade Helm’ wasn’t invented until the early 19th century. What an utter shambles of an article. I fear your intention in writing such a article may be just as nefarious as most conspiracy theories, ie to hide the truth and to throw others of the track by disinformation. Epic fail. Go back to your govt sanctioned think tank and try again.

  • wingman

    Great saying we’re all dead is really empowering! Duh.

  • Harley Davison Borgais

    Learn the ‘fundamental principles’ of law, and make sure that our soldiers know them too, as they are our defense against foreign invasion, which is likely how it will happen, foreign solders on US Soil.
    When we all know the purpose of govt. and ‘the supreme Law’ (Protect and maintain individual rights, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty, etc.), the 3 elements to a crime, 3 jurisdictions and requirements for proof, the five forms of law allowed to our courts and requirements for jurisdiction, first essentials of due process, void for vagueness doctrine, and a little bit more (I am putting it together for every one now, and could use some help with the work), then we can learn how to stop giving power to the ‘powers that be’ (whom I have identified, as they can be found online now), and we can free ourselves, and decrease the cost of living for everyone, thereby eliminating most homelessness and crime, which results from desperation usually.

  • LoneMassConservative

    It will come from the UN. The UN is corrupt and why do you think our Muslim in the Whitehouse wants to give US gun control over to the UN. It will expedite their confiscation process. We should be very afraid of what is coming…

  • jm33b

    This site should be called unconsciously unenlightened . DOH !

  • hahaha

    why to clese wallmart’s in thoses states? In my country have wallmart too… If the Jade-helm to finish excelent, the US will be send to other countries??? KKKK So crazy this but I supouse…

  • rudscar

    The prophetic poem says at the end of the summer Jade Helm will come to life again.