Media Silent Over HORRIFIC Black On White Hate Crime in Mississippi [Video]

black on white hate crime silence

Just a few nights ago, as people across the U.S. were readying for Thanksgiving, a young, worthless thug decided he’d take up his gun and go on  a little killing spree. By the time he was done with his fun, he’d taken the lives of two different white women in two different locations in Mississippi.

Many of us are not too young to remember any time any white perpetrated a crime on a black person in the deep south, it was national, headline news. Yet when the roles are reversed, as they were with this grizzly murder spree, the mainstream media remains completely silent. To keep abreast of ALL news, despite the skin tones of the perpetrators and the victims, follow us on our Consciously Enlightened Facebook page by clicking on this blue sentence!

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