Media Silent About This Man’s HUGE Part In Terrorist Attack, Too Late Now!!!


As the world reels from the terrorist attack on Paris, killing 129 people and injuring 352, the news is abuzz with the horrific details of the bloodbath that took place Friday night. With updates and new revelations about the terrorists being leaked every hour since, mainstream news outlets are strangely silent about one man from Beirut who we all need to know.

Paris wasn’t the only city on the receiving end of Islam’s fatal wrath this week. Just hours before three teams of terrorists brought death on Westerners enjoying their evening, they did the same in Lebanon. The death toll was also sizable, 43 were killed in the attack and 200 injured when a bomb went off in a residential city center, as a chilling premonition of the hell that was about to descend on a sports arena, concert hall, and restaurants in France. But there was one man — Adel Termos — at the center of it all.

Media Silent About This Man's HUGE Part In Terrorist Attack, Too Late Now

The reason we aren’t hearing about the massive assault in Beirut, which was similar to what happened in Paris, is because of a split-second decision Termos made. This man and his little girl were in the area when a suicide bomber imploded in Beirut, but as the crowed gathered to see the carnage and fear for their own lives, Termos looked up and noticed a second bomber, suited up and moving toward the crowed to inflict a larger second fatal blow.

According to The Metro, in that very moment that Termos saw the second terrorist about to blow himself up, he immediately ran toward him and tackled him to the ground, detonating his explosive in the process. This father and his little girl nearby were killed in the process of saving what’s said to be dozens, if not hundreds of lives.

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“There are many many families, hundreds of families probably, who owe their completeness to his sacrifice,” Elie Fares said, who is a Lebanese physician and blogger. “They died because of some demented, twisted politics.”

Termos knew that he was running to his death when he b-lined for the terrorist that day to tackle him, but he did it anyway for the sake of strangers. He ran by the countless lives he saved, while en route to the Islamic killer. He’s the picture of what a hero is, and he is one of the main reasons we’re only talking about one of the two terrorist attacks that happened this week, for which ISIS has proudly taken the credit. Had it not been for this father, the death toll in that town would have been much larger and become worthy of print and programming hours in the media.

The attention must not be given to the cowardly terrorists who have become pawns of evil in the name of Islam. Front page news needs to be dedicated to the helpers and the heroes who are always present in the midst of  mayhem. The impact of people like Termos are felt more than they are seen, but the fact is, with more people like them willing to step up against the horror, the efforts of evil men will be in vain.

by  Amanda Shea