Media Buries DISGUSTING Thing #BlackLivesMatter Is Doing to American Churches

blm churches

Once upon a time, the media used to report the news in a very unbiased fashion. They simply presented the facts, plainly and clearly, and allowed the viewers to decide what’s going on behind the story.

However, things have changed. The majority of the media outlets are owned by one man, George Soros, and he is a New World Order member who is spreading a very liberal agenda, in order to keep the peasants (that would be us) fighting with each other, so that we cannot rise and challenge his type economically.

Now, on one side, Soros has his perpetual victims. This group would include blacks, immigrants (especially the illegal kind), gays, etc. They must be made to look like harmless saints at all times. So, when they do stuff like the domestic terrorist group Black Lives Matter did to innocent churches, below, it must NOT be reported in the media.

blm churches 2

And this…

blm churches 3

So, go back to your television sets and remember, BLM terrorists= innocent victims. Victimized churches? Well, they probably deserved it for shit that happened a thousand years ago.

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