Martial Law Update!!! Clint Texas Residents Report Being Forced To Take Micro Chips!!!


Clint, TX. Hundreds of civilians are reporting that their civil liberties have been broken by Jade Helm soldiers by arresting them and then forcing them to have RFID implantation.

Jade helm was the military exercise run by the Government last summer from July 15, 2015 through September 15, 2015, at locations in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, California, and Nevada. Elite service members from four branches of the U.S. military launched an operation in which they operated covertly among the U.S. public and traveled from state to state in ground vehicles and military aircraft. Many believe the operation didn’t amount to anything, but others feel it was merely a warm up for Martial Law plans U.S. President Hussein Obama has for staying in power once his second Presidential term is up.

Below is a tweet from one witness:


According to the witness Ray Bowie: “Military personnel rounded up everyone on our street. They forced their way into the homes of people who wouldn’t open their doors. We were put on military trucks and drove to the old Hartwell Mall about ten miles from here. We were separated and put in holding cells based on our age and gender. We were then called 3 at a time to another room and given the option to have an RFID implant, or be imprisoned in the base for an unspecified amount of time. Some of the soldiers were arguing amongst themselves.. I could hear one of them saying, “this isn’t what I signed up for. I wanted to protect Americans, not imprison them…”, but the officer in charge reminded them that they have their orders, and if they’re not carried out then they would be thrown into prison themselves.”

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Another witness, Donald Wilder, had this to say after being detained and micro chipped: “I was one of the families who was illegal detained and micro-chipped by these monsters. as soon as my family was released we abandoned our home, and went to my wife’s parents home 200 miles away. we had to remove the chips ourselves with rubbing alcohol and a bx cutter, but its better than being tracked. absolutely disgusting what these monsters are doing to american citizens…”

Why isn’t the main stream media covering this?

More to come as it becomes available.



  • greg

    Bullshit bullshit bullshit

  • Cassidy Mitchem

    Ppl is this true or just a lie anyone have proof of this

    • Teresa Gibson-Fort

      Not true. If you research the makers of the microchip, you will find that it cannot be removed. It contains mercury and once you try to remove it, it eats away at your flesh. You die. I don’t know why these people don’t get a life and stop spreading rumors.

      • Dave B.

        Okay, I can’t tell if that one’s a joke or not.

      • clam987

        LOL! Mercury? Poison? Kills you? That is about as absurd as the originasl chip billshut!!!

        • Whit

          Mercury can an will kill you but not instantly, that’s why it was outlawed in thermometers both medical and house. It needs to be inhaled or thru absorption thru the skin. It does not eat away thru the skin and thru absorption it takes more then a chip could hold.

      • lmaoooo you are such the naive little girl aren’t you?

    • michaele

      Wyoming already have it people who are on welfare

  • Bradley Hall

    I don’t believe this, in Texas, the bullets would start flying ater the first door got kicked in.

    • Cecil Howard

      Thay would have started flying before thay kicked the doot in.

    • southernyankee05 .

      Same here. But… if it is real I would expect the lawsuit’s will be hitting the new’s real soon.

  • Kenneth Walton

    i don’t believe it either gut reaction is this is bS but they did start chipping the homeless in NC so i really don’t know and i remember something about news blackout so i think it is anyones guess

    • Romojo Mahn

      In NC the chipping was part of a larger research project. They were trying to track and map the movements and migration of the indigents as well as study their mating habits in order to someday suppress reproduction.

      • Naoma Kay Ledgerwood Griffin

        WHAT! if this is true, still totally against any law I know of. The only chipping I would agree with is to keep track of sexual predators of any kind or illegal immigrants. If they enter the country legally like other immigrants they wouldn’t have to worry about being tracked.

        • Romojo Mahn

          Swallowed the whole damn hook, eh?

  • Cecil Howard

    Facebook I understand freedom of the press under the first amendment but freedom of press stops when lies and deception are ramped. If some one post storys like this I belive it is incumbent for you to check it out and if ots not true take the post down . Thos is not the first time thay have posted with deception.

  • Mike Schwartz

    I live just a few miles from Clint. Was in Clint yesterday about 5pm to go to church. Have many, many friends in Clint. Asked around yesterday about Jade Helm related issues. Nothing. Called friends this morning and even drove into Clint. Not sure where they are talking about with the old Hartwell Mall. I’ve lived in far East El Paso for most of my 64 years and can’t recall anything like that within 10miles of Clint. Based upon all of that, I’m throwing the BS flag.

  • Larry Burks

    What a load of crap. They would be doing it everywhere at one time, not just one city at a time LOL. How dumb.

  • Sabrina

    Sure they rounded us all up and what-not but we get to keep our phones and tweet about it and post it on facebook!

    • Brenda Day Cherry


    • Gozer

      Exactly these people like Alex Jones are absolute morons. If the government was doing this would they allow you to tweet about it? You’d be disappeared and blacklisted if you tweeted about it lol

  • Ruby Flores

    The news won’t cover this story because they are controlled by the the elite.. they control which story to let out. It doesn’t benefit them to tell the truth if it did happen. Sheeple still watch the news for information lol.. that’s ridiculous. If you’re waiting for the news to report on something like this it will never happen. That’s how they brainwash most of the American people

    • Robert Mosby

      And you young are a whore now sue Me.

  • Clint Texas is about maybe 12 miles away from El Paso Texas where you have a large contingent of veterans Oathkeepers and militia members. This bullshit would never roll in Climt.

    Whomever the dumbass was that posted that is wasting your time.

  • Janel Quinn

    Haha if this bullshit were true, im sure the people of texas wouldnt just allow it to happen. They would be fighting back. I live in houston and no one is gonna mess with my city. They have their guns and we will have ours. But still, bottom line is, jade helm is complete bullshit…

    • God damn right little lady, the feds fear us Texans more than any other state out there in our grand union. *tips fedora AND sips tea*. <3

    • I live in Houston also, in Midtown close to downtown. Nice to see a Houstonian in the know. :)

    • Tequila Party USA

      exactly….they’d be dead soldiers everywhere!…Any soldier who goes against the Constitution and violates citizens rights is a traitor and will be dealt with by deadly force!

  • Janet Babin

    You people are fucking morons

    • *Tips fedora AND sips tea.* I agree.

    • Troy Wartman

      who are you referring to?

      • michaele

        I hope asshole Muslim nigger Obama and asshole fuckin Muslim motherfuckers

  • tk-atty

    If this was true, which I wouldn’t put past the Obama tyrant government, but I agree where is the evidence, and I want to hear it from more people with evidence, and why isn’t it anywhere on the news, not that I trust them either, but need some evidence. A picture of the devices removed with a box cutter perhaps.

  • Thomas Jones

    Oh gawd. Just like the skit on Saturday Night Live about Satan when he invented the internet. He said, I invented the internet so bad ideas could live on forever. LOL. Yeesh you people, get your heads outta your asses, your freakin’ bibles, smell the coffee, and wake the hell up. Just because it’s on the “Interweb” doesn’t mean it’s true. Do you people seriously believe every scam, hoax, or bullshit conspiracy theory you read? And for Christ’s sake, stop watching the TCT fear mongers who just stir up shit to make money.

  • Senna Lanna

    Highly “controversial” and seditious news post seeking to get uneducated or willfully ignorant hicks to revolt against the government, and I’ll be damned if it didn’t work!

    Just keep at each other’s throats. Can’t wait to see when the powder keg catches. It’ll be hilarious to see all you traitors get yours.

  • christy

    False or not ..would NOT put anything past this gov’t…period.

  • Chaz Yasterzemski

    And then the aliens came and probed us all, Bruce Jenner was there n turned into a woman before my eyes, after that I didn’t remember anything until I saw this post

  • Blake Wainwright

    this is a false flag.

  • dave26027

    Total bullshit. Clint Texas is east of El Paso. The town is smaller than my yard. There aren’t hundreds of residents, more like 20 or less. The nearest mall is probably in El Paso, many miles away.
    This whole article and it’s facts are fabricated fantasy.

  • John Burleson

    Ah, where’s that chip you carved out cher ass, Donald? Is this another one of those bull shit make-it-up sites?

  • Paul Zavislak

    The media isn’t reporting it because it’s total BS. Stop with the fear mongeriing nonsense

  • michaele

    All you have to do is shoot those motherfuckers

  • michaele

    Let those asshole government try to microchip a black man or woman and see what happens,some of them are crazy with a weapon

  • Jeff McClusky


  • Thom*

    Orson Welles is alive and living undercover in Clint,Tx (( we all wondered where he had fled to))

  • Spartacus

    I call Bullshit when it comes to violating Texans rights & liberties these people carry guns and are not afraid to use them. Texas would be the last place to start forcing Marshall Law and forcing micro-chipping unless the government wants to start a gun fight. And let me tell you the government starts some shit like that don’t you think the entire Nation would band together to arrest everyone involved. Think about it we are a nation over 320 million citizens I’ll leave it at that.

  • Timmy Wilburn

    How many people have noticed that your new credit cards have a micro chip now? Why the need to micro chip our debit and credit cards? The technology is there and what would stop the government from putting a micro chip in our bodies using just two words, national security..

  • Thom*

    Simple “take them out and implant them into stray dogs.