Married Man Thought He Could Get Away With Insulting This Woman. But Never Expected Her To Send This Reply.

she got you good

A married businessman meets a beautiful girl and agrees to spend the night with her for $500.

He spends the night with her, but before he leaves, he realizes that he doesn’t have any cash on him. He tells her that he’ll have his secretary send a check and the memo will read “for apartment rent.”

After having time to think about it, he decided the price for the service he’d received was too high, so he sent a check for only $250. He included a note stating that he’d reduced the promised pay for three reasons:

1- I thought the apartment had not been used.

2- I thought the heat would work better, but it didn’t.

3- I thought the apartment would be smaller and cozier than it actually was.

Upon receiving the check and note, the woman returned both to the man with the following response:

1- Dear Sir, how could you expect an apartment this beautiful to have never been used before?

2- The heat works just fine if you’re able to figure out how to turn it up.

3- The apartment is of normal size, but you can’t expect to fill it if you do not have enough furniture.

She said that if he did not send the originally agreed upon amount immediately she would be forced to contact his current landlady.

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