Marine In Tennessee Shooting Dies For Second Time? Dummies Used As Corpses!

marine crisis actor

It didn’t take long for conspiracy theorists to start questioning if the events in the deadly Chattanooga shooting were real or not. Allegedly, one of the Marines who was killed, Sergeant Thomas Joseph Sullivan, is said to have allegedly died in 2009 from complications associated with Desert Storm Syndrome after having returned from Iraq.

Which is it? Was Tennessee just another ‘gun grab’ in false flag disguise? Or are the conspiracy theorists of the world wide web just completely nuts and stirring crap again?

How about this video? That claims dummies were used for the bodies?

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  • Christine Misch

    Are you freaking kidding me? You have some nerve trying to turn this tragedy into a crazy conspiracy theory! Thomas Sullivan was a Gunnery Sergeant, not a Sergeant, for one. There’s a two pay grade difference. Two, even during his 2004/05 deployment to Iraq, which my husband served with him there, he was a Staff Sergeant. Still one pay grade higher than a Sergeant. So in 2009, there is absolutely no way GySgt Sullivan was a “Sergeant previously killed in 2009”. My husband and some good friends of ours have known and served with him for a REALLY long time. Get your facts straight, go back to playing your Nintendo, and stop insulting a great fallen Marine. We’re having a hard enough time coming to the reality that he is gone, your stupid twisted theories are not welcome or appreciated.

    • Travis Evenson

      I want to start off by saying that I agree with you… this conspiracy theory is absolutely stupid. But I do feel that I should correct you. Sully was a Sergeant when we deployed to Abu Ghraib together in 2004-05 (I was also a Sergeant with him). Your husband was with Echo in Iraq in 04? Did he have a different last name than you? I’m not recognizing it at all.

      • Christine Misch

        My husband referred to him as staff sgt. When telling me stories… I apologize if I was not correct. Yes, my husband has the same last name as me. He was in the humvee accident with Lt. Leduc.

  • Doc Bailey

    This is beyond stupid. What’s worse is that the supposed goal of this “false flag” to whit: gun confiscation, is NOT happening, quite the opposite actually. People are calling for arming all military posts, and allowing CCW holders in uniform to continue carrying while in uniform.

    Personally I’m amazed that you can’t accept that a Jihadi did this. If you seriously think our government is a bigger threat than Jihadis than you need to stop huffing paint.

    • Kenneth Paul

      yea the costumes get to keep their guns and rightly so but i notice you never spoke of the peoples right to keep and bear arms. do you believe that those who have no aleigence to the government, i.e. the average john doe can keep and bear his arms in defense of himself and his government? thats the ten million dollar question that needs answered.

  • Trey Goodwill

    Oh, two people can’t have the same name.

  • dianegordon

    Know your nutter! Sgt. Sullivan is a relative of mine, and you are pond scum.