Marine Dad Makes School PAY After Pushing Islamic Propaganda On Daughter

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Not long ago, a school was shut down, a public high school, mind you, because a teacher at the school was force feeding the teachings of the cult of hate and murder, Islam, down the throats of its students. When parents heard, they became irate, and the school actually feared for the safety of the leftist teacher who was teaching the drivel, so they closed one day early heading into the Christmas (that’s right, we said ‘Christmas’) break. This happened at a public school in Virginia, but it looks like the Marxist lessons are spreading nation wide as it’s just happened in Maryland as well, this time prompting a couple of parents to file a lawsuit against the school.

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Marine veteran John Kevin Wood and his wife, Melissa recently found out their daughter and her classmates were having Islam forced down their throats by a public school teaching slag at La Plata High School, so they filed a law suit against the school system in the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland.

Mr. Woods tried to deal with the school directly at first, feeling they were prioritizing Islam, giving it two full weeks of study, while giving only minimal focus to other religions. Christianity was given only one day of instruction.

The school reacted by actually banning Mr. Woods from the school grounds, only after telling him his daughter could NOT opt out of the assignment, and that she’d receive a failing mark if she did not complete it!

Well, they can’t ban him from the courtroom, and now they’re in for a long, drawn out fight there, and as we all know, Marines do NOT know the meaning of the words surrender or defeat, so it looks like at least one Communistic school system in America has met its match!

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