Man Puts Beyonce In Her Place After Racist Half Time Show On Sunday

beyonce racist

Pastor Jonathan Gentry, pictured above on the right, is very outspoken, and he’s not the most popular person in the black community, because he has a history of calling thugs to the mat for their race card tactics.

Gentry recently took to Facebook in a video in which he called out pop star icon Beyonce for her black panther inspired half time performance at the Super Bowl. The gist of his comments were that Beyonce “knew exactly what she was doing,” and he goes on to state very clearly that there is a double standard when it comes to race in America, and what one person can say versus what another person can say, all based upon their skin tone.

half time show

No doubt, Gentry has just become even more unpopular in the black community for his comments, but it’s nice to see that someone from the black community is calling out such race card players as Beyonce.

To see the video of Gentry destroying Beyonce and the Black Lives Matter domestic terrorist group, click on this blue sentence to be taken to his Facebook page where the video is posted. 

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    yeah for real. Dont take you views and put them to others peoples boxes. This is fucking america