Man Pepper Sprayed After Daring Police To Arrest Him In Baltimore!!! Were The Police Right To Do So???

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A man approaches police in Baltimore, Maryland on Saturday, May 2, 2015, requesting to be arrested. He is promptly sprayed with pepper spray and handcuffed.

Man pepper sprayed after daring police to arrest him in Baltimore! Are the Police Right to do so?

by WPTV News | West Palm Beach Florida


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  • Perfect Justice would have been a bullet hole appearing in the middle of his forehead when he was daring them, lol! God Bless our Police and Protect them from Obama’s Racist Fecal Maggots that are killing our police! Obama is the one to thank for this war on our police, he instigated it thru his pathetic Commie Race and Class Division he has been pushing for seven years! I want to see the Kenyan Muslim Queen sprayed like this, lol! He deserves whatever bad things comes his way, and he will pay for his treachery, sooner or later!