Man Looks Inside Odd Car Lurking At Walmart For Weeks, Makes STUNNING Find

odd find

Jake Holloway, of Altoona, Iowa, had been going to and from the local Walmart the last couple of weeks running errands and doing some Christmas shopping. Each time he went, he couldn’t help but notice a unique looking jeep in the parking lot. Though it had moved occasionally, it was always present.

Earlier this week, while at the Walmart again, Holloway noticed something on the back of the jeep that caused him to inspect things further. He saw a sticker that read “I served.” He saw a man in the jeep, so he started a conversation with him by telling him he liked his jeep. The man said he liked Holloway’s Toyota, and from there the conversation grew.

wmt jeep

It turns out the man in the jeep is a four tours of duty Iraq war veteran. After returning from his last tour, his wife left him, and all he has left is his jeep and a boxer dog. He’s recently gotten a job with the DOT, but he’s not yet received his first paycheck, so he’s been living out of his jeep in the Walmart parking lot.

Holloway posted about his encounter with the homeless war vet on his Facebook page when he returned home, and an outpouring of support has come forth. People have gone down to the Walmart and given the veteran food, money, dog food, and someone even paid for a full week’s stay at a hotel for him and his dog, so they will not be homeless during the holidays.

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