Man IRATE After Noticing 400 U.S. Soldiers Mistreated, Does Something About It

soldiers mistreated

Now THIS is how you step in when you see someone taking advantage of soldiers and make things right! Shlomo Rechnitz was travelling with family to Israel when he had a layover at an airport in Ireland, where 400 U.S. soldiers were also laying over. He noticed that while civilian travelers wined and dined in the nice restaurants in the airport, the soldiers were sitting on the floor, eating out of paper bags.

Rechnitz stepped in and offered the opportunity for ALL the soldiers to go eat in the restaurant of their choice, his treat, which they did. It cost him $20,000 to treat the troops, but the value of their sacrifice is worth far more than that, anyway. Rechnitz’s actions certainly speak louder than a bumper sticker on the back of a car, and he set the example for us all.

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  • DonDong

    Very generous man. That can’t be his last name! ;8)B

  • Allen Newcomb

    If we had more grate AMERICANS as this man we would be the GREAT NATION we once was!! Thank you sir for helping my bro4hers.