MAJOR UPDATE: Obama is Rehearsing For “Martial Law” Now!!! PAY ATTENTION


UPDATE 2pm EST: The ALWAYS TRUTHFUL OBAMA ADMINISTRATION is saying there was a “glitch” on Wall Street, United Airlines had a “glitch” of its own, The Wall Street Journal had a “glitch” that shut down online viewers all morning, there are all a series of SEVERAL THOUSAND POWER OUTAGES that are at this moment unexplained, AND… several subways just HALTED due to a “glitch” I’m sure if you ask Team Obama.


In the first video below you will see that all trading on the NYSE has been officially halted as of now. Is it time to panic? I will leave that for you to decide, however I would remind you of a few things:President Obama just last week signed into effect a permanent state of Martial Law. Remember, I also warned you President Obama and Financial Institutions Were Scheming to Violate International Banking Regulations. There has also been an outage at U.S. Airlines, and several news sites including the Wall Street Journal have been shut down.

NEWS FLASH: When Martial Law kicks into high gear, expect cell phone outages along with ALL news outlets and airlines. This is either more of a dry run by Emperor Obama for his final power grab, or an act of war by another country. I don’t know which one is worse, because we all know Obama won’t do a damn thing about the latter. In the second video below, take a good look at what to expect from Martial Law when it does go into full effect… and it WILL. 

In the third and final video you are being called to defend your nation from a rogue dictator by Marine Corps Sergeant Dire. In the video Dire quotes Thomas Jefferson when he says, “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” I think that sums up where we are right now. It’s time for people to sh** or get off the pot.What’s it going to be?


Trading was halted at the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday morning.

The latest from the NYSE is that all symbols are not trading and all open orders are now canceled.

“Additional information will follow as soon as possible,” the NYSE’s website says.

According to CNBC, the halt started at 11:32 a.m. ET and was triggered by “technical issues.”

“We’re currently experiencing a technical issue that we’re working to resolve as soon as possible,” the NYSE said, according to CNBC.

“So far this is the worst I’ve seen since the NASDAQ blackout,” said Eric Hunsader, CEO of market research firm Nanex.

Hunsader added that what we’re seeing is likely a gateway issue, as some routs are simply not working. It’s possible that this was caused by a system upgrade or some other kind of software update.

The NYSE first started showing signs of strain at 10:32 this morning, but said the technical issue had been resolved. Then, once it started failing an hour later, it flailed in and out of connectivity before going out entirely.


Conservative Daily News Reports: Without announcement, all trading ceased on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange as of 11:32am on Wednesday.

While off-floor trading is still occurring, every listing on the NYSE board is currently showing “HALT” and/or “No Quotation.”

The NYSE has released a statement stating that trading has halted due to a technology issue and that they are working to restore trading as quickly as possible.

With no known relationship, the Wall Street Journal’s online site has also become unavailable during the same period displaying an odd 504 error instead of the usual 404 – not found. When navigating to, the following appeared as of 11:50am Wednesday.

Reports are surfacing that people on the west coast are able to see the Wall Street Journal online while those in the eastern half of the U.S. cannot.

Popular economics website also experienced an outage this morning, but has since returned to service. A post at the popular economics blog said that “This morning we experienced an unprecedented surge in traffic which brought our servers to a grinding halt.”

U.S. officials are stating that there is no evidence, at this time, of any relationship of the NYSE outage to the United Airlines system outage and that hacking is not currently suspected in the NYSE outage.

The trading halt and WSJ site outage comes just hours behind the release of a ground stop experienced by United Airlines when its flight automation system became unusable yesterday.

By: Voice of Reason




    Sounds like a poor imitation of “Seven Days In May “

  • Robaire W

    Jeez! Just when I thought writer’s had run out of insane plots! Here’s a “news” site that’s worse than The National Enquirer, espousing biased, urban legend type bullsh**! Why don’t you make a sign with “The End Is Nigh” and get it over with!

    All of this Prophet of Doom crap is as nauseating as the person(s) who write it.

    Grow Up!

  • Butch Schexnayder

    Yall really ought to quit smoking that shit it’s affecting your brains!!! This has got to be the dumbest I’ve heard yet!!!