Look Who’s Sending 150,000 Ground Troops To WIPE OUT ISIS… It’s NOT Obama

150k ground troops

Of course it’s not Hussein Obama! He’s proven already that he has not desire to defeat his Muslim brothers and sisters in their all out assault on all things Western and free!

The Muslim terrorists have spread their war from the battle fields of the Middle East to the city streets of some of the most historic streets in the civilized world, namely Paris, France. They hit us in New York, as we’ll all always remember back on Sept. 11, 2001, and now they are preparing to hit us in that city again.

Only one man has proven to have the balls big enough to stand up to the evil Muslims and eradicate them from the face of the earth. That man is Russian President Vladimir Putin. It’s being reported in several media outlets that Putin has readied 150,000 ground troops and he is set to send them into Syria to crush ISIS, also known as ‘those pu**ies who don’t eat bacon” once and for all!

The free world watches and waits, praying for Vladimir Putin and praising his name on high, as we also watch and wait for the clock to wind down the time that the traitor and Muslim President B. Hussein Obama remains in the White House.

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