Look What Your Tax Dollars Will Be Bringing To Your Neighborhood!

11[1]Just another day in the life of King Hussein Obama, attempting to destroy what we Americans have worked hard for.  His latest attempt at social engineering is to place “affordable housing” in more affluent neighborhoods.  Of course, we all know his definition of an affluent person includes anyone with a job.

We get up, go to work, collect our paycheck and hope we’ve worked enough hours to make the mortgage payment.  Then, one day, we come home to hear the news that our local housing authority and an out of town contractor want to break ground for a new housing project just down the street.  Just an article in your local newspaper reporting this can send property values on an immediate, downward spiral.

This scenario is real and will soon be coming to your neighborhood thanks to HUD’s Low Income Housing Tax Credits.  Community leaders are being bribed with tax credits to build new, “affordable housing” in designated “opportunity areas” of cities.  According to our corrupt federal government, decentralizing subsidized housing projects will have “less of an impact” on the economy of a neighborhood.

Apparently, they don’t want any of us to miss out on the excitement of declining property values, drug deals gone bad and drive-by shootings.

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  • LuvFunyuns

    What’s the point of slaving away at work if you can have the government give you a house for cheap?! Low income people belong in apartments if you rely on the government to pay your way with your 6 kids in the welfare system and your food stamps. Enjoy the newly added gangs in your expensive neighborhood friends. Let’s build one of these projects in Beverly Hills and see how the people react.

  • David

    Remember a couple years Obama said every American was “entitled” to live in a neighborhood they could be proud of. And now the UN is pushing “dignity for all” which seems kind of close to that. So this is going to be insidious. Keep vigilant and stay on top of your town leaders so they don’t accept these projects!

  • Grizzly907LA

    The welfare stealing black savages are a cancer upon America!

    • jimbopeep

      Along with muzzie immigrants.

      • Grizzly907LA

        All part of O’Kenyans plan to fundamentally change America into a Soviet police state!

  • brb_bob

    Feel oppressed. Get government to give you free or cheap housing via tax dollars. Proceed to spray paint said housing and murder neighbors. Blame tax payers for the lowered property value. Makes perfect sense to me.