Look What She Found When She Bit Into Her McDonald’s Chicken Sandwich!

mcd frog 1

McDonald’s has taken a beating over the years in the press for some really strange things being found in their food. Everything from deep fried chicken heads to marijuana joints have turned up from time to time, but now comes something so gross it takes the entire cake! Rather, burger!

mcd frog 2

Ten year oldĀ Cordellia Buckley and her father were driving home from a Halloween party this past October when the two of them stopped for some McDonald’s. The girl had ordered a chicken wrap and was appalled to bite into what was obviously a frog! She and her father believe it was some sort of Halloween prank, and they say the girl is scarred for life in regard to fast food.

mcd frog 3

Not justifying a frog in a sandwich from McDonald’s here, but there’re worse things in life than a fast food addiction being nipped in the bud at age ten.

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