(Listen) The Most Racist Song Of All Time Is Right Under Your Nose And You Never Knew It!

ice cream trucknigga love a watermelon 2

We all love hearing that famous tune of the ice cream truck as it rolls into our neighborhoods in the summer time. But did you know that the music it plays is actually one of the most racist songs ever written? It was written way back in 1916 by Harry C. Brown, and its title is “Nigger Love A Watermelon.” Listen to it in the video below, and read along with the lyrics beneath the video.


Title: Nigger Love A Watermelon HA! HA! HA!

Written by: Harry C. Browne

Released: March 1916 by Columbia Records


Browne: “You niggers quit throwin’ them bones and come down and get your ice cream!”

Black men: “Ice Cream?!”

Browne: “Yes, ice cream! Colored man’s ice cream…WATERMELON!!!”

Nigger love a watermelon ha, ha, ha, ha!

Nigger love a watermelon ha, ha, ha, ha!

For here, they’re made with a half a pound of co’l

There’s nothing like a watermelon for a hungry coon.

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