Liberals Want Christians To Accept Refugees, But Here’s The Problem With That

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Christians, particularly white Christians, is THE ONLY religious group you can speak out against in the U.S. and the rest of the world. Speak out against Jews? You’re anti-Semitic. Speak out against Muslims? You’re Islamaphobic. Speak out against Christians? Well, you’re okay, because Christians are just so square and backward, right?

Blogger Dawn Parabellum, who writes frequently for Mad World News recently penned the following op/ed piece on the hypocrocy of the liberal left in the U.S. in regard to their take on the “Christian duty” of taking in Syrian “refugees” without question. Mind you, this is the same liberal left who any other time thinks Christians should keep their mouths shut and their views to themselves, and who claim religious beliefs should not be taken into consideration if they’re Christian beliefs.

There are many on social media that are berating Christians and asking them to do their “Christian duty” and accept refugees. What does Christianity have to do with refugees? Well, nothing. Unless you want to use it as political force in your game of mind manipulation and guilt tripping. Let me explain. But first, let me remind you, I’m not a Christian, I’m a Buddhist, so my opinion is unbiased.

Christians are told they have a moral obligation as Christians to welcome the Syrian refugees here in America. Wait. Now, Christians are allowed to talk about God and their moral obligations, and now, they can discuss what Jesus would do. Of course, these same people told Christians to shut their mouths and deal with it when a Christian baker was fined and condemned for not baking a cake for a lesbian couple — in the name of “tolerance.”

Christians are being told to do their duty and at the same time, keep their religion to themselves. They are told not to pray in public or even say “Merry Christmas” because it offends people. Of course, now there’s a political agenda to shove down the throats of Christians and others, so they are told they must accept and tolerate a religious ideology that doesn’t respect or tolerate them by atheist liberals that also don’t respect or tolerate a Christian ideology.

Syrian refugee taking selfies

Liberals like to say the government has a moral obligation to accept refugees since we are a Christian nation, all while demanding via legislation, and force if necessary, a thorough separation of church and state, and while simultaneously saying we AREN’T a Christian nation. Which one is it?

Christians  are being demeaned as fake because they don’t want to accept refugees. They are seen as lacking compassion for refusing to sleep next to a rabid wolf or roll the dice and maybe sleep next to a rabid wolf. Let’s be honest here, Islam and Christianity do not “coexist” well, and it isn’t because of a lack of Christian tolerance. It’s because the Islamic holy book demands Muslims kill or financially burden Christians if they don’t accept Islam. There’s no coexisting with that kind of force, and that’s not exactly the definition of tolerance.

Liberals spit in the face of Christianity and claim Christians are evil for not wanting to save a Syrian child, all while supporting abortion. Now that there is a political issue for leftists to take the moral high ground on, they come out of the woodwork and ask Christians to accept their stolen tax dollars being used to as charity and want nothing more than to use deadly force against a Christian should he or she refuse. Yet, I’ve not seen one leftist throw open the front door to their home and put large sign in their yard proclaiming “refugees welcome here.” It’s all fun and games when you’re forcing others to house the refugees.

This is a sickening trend, and it is only getting worse. The hypocrisy is so blatantly obvious that it borders on painful. Can you honestly say you’re surprised that Christians are bucking your system? When so much time is spent on the condescension of Christianity and the praise of Islam, you shouldn’t be shocked when they don’t want to help the precious Syrian refugees who are shown better treatment than they are in our country — you know, the one that is now accepted as being a Christian nation because it works with the narrative, although liberals have practically foamed at the mouth anytime America has been called a Christian nation before.

Leftists treat Muslims in other countries better than they treat Christians in their own country and call themselves compassionate for it. Well, it’s time you’re called out on your hypocrisy.

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  • Don Jewell

    I think as a whole Christians do not mind taking refuges in. That’s not our concern. Our concern is security. Making sure that we don’t let terrorist in at the same time. We also want to be sure that our homeless and poor are taken care of first. I believe that many of these refuges probably don’t have a skill. Who is going to train then
    ? Who is going to foot the bill? The taxpayers?