Liberal Publication Accidentally Reveals Obama’s True Birthplace

obama with his family in Kenya

Current U.S. President B. Hussein Obama has been the center of many controversies. Most of them, like the Fast and Furious scandal, in which he and his former Attorney General Eric Holder ended up getting thousands of illegal firearms into the hands of Mexican cartels, and his decision to trade the traitor Bowe Bergdahl for five of the most deadly terrorists in a prisoner exchange swap, he brought upon himself through his own decisions.

However, one of the biggest controversies he’s been involved in since taking office goes back to an event that he had no control over, though he continues to add fuel to the controversial fire by continuing to lie about the facts. This would be the question of his real birthplace.

Though Hussein Obama claims to have been born in Hawaii, overwhelming evidence claims otherwise, including this, from media outlet Conservative Post:

obama's birth place

So, there you have it. Yahoo news reporting, originally, on a slip that Hussein Obama made himself. The only question now is, why will the libtards still believe every single thing this man says?

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    They are called libtards for a reason.