Lets All Take The Marine Half Mast Challenge!!! Teach Obama Some Respect…

Memorial_Day_Art_American_Soldier_Salutes_Half_Mast_US_Flag-01As Most of you know the President of The United States has not shown much respect to the fallen marine’s or sailor that were killed last week.  He invited the family of a traitor named Berghdal to the rose garden to celebrate the release of our enemy. He has yet to call out the terrorist who shot up two recruiting stations in Chattanooga. Well it is time for him to learn that he needs to show the victims the respect that have earned.

Former U.S. Marine Mike Shepard posted a challenge Monday on DC Gazette for all citizens to fly our own American flags at half-mast. Lets Take that challenge to show the families of the victims and all our U.S. Armed Forces our respect.

Let’s show the president what it is to respect this country and our fallen by flying our flags at half mast till the 30th of this month. The 30th will mark the two week anniversary of this tragedy. If you stop at a business or just drive by one that has a flag flying please stop and ask them to lower there flags to half mast to show Obama what support looks like. If we can get the whole country to do this he just might get the message.
The message that he is but one man while we are the voice of this country. If he won’t do it lets show him that the American people will. Please share this and together we can show Washington what it means to respect… May God forever bless you all.

by  Mike Shepard
Read more at http://dcgazette.com/marines-facebook-challenge-fly-all-flags-half-mast-until-30th-teach-obama-respect/

  • Crista Keller Lum

    I really don’t think he gives a rat’s butt about the UNITED STATES …..I feel we as a nation should show our respect and the heck with him. Who really needs or wants his fake guilted out of obligation respect.
    We will see more of this blatent disrespect as we get closer to his term ending.