Just Released Video!! Kurdistan Security Counsel Releases Video Of Joint U.S.-Kurdish Raid!!

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Incredible video of the October 22 raid and information on the operation has just been released!!

ERBIL-Kurdistan Region: Kurdistan Region Security Council (KRSC) released an exclusive video and more information on the joint US-Kurdish operation on October 22, south of Kirkuk.  The joint operation started at 0200am on Thursday, stated KRSC. KRSC’s Counter Terror Department (CTD) forces made an airdrop onto the main Islamic State, or ISIS, prison, seven km north of Hawija.

According to KRSC’s statement, Forty-eight Peshmerga from CTD forces and thirty soldiers from US Special forces were part of the operation which took two hours.  Six helicopters, three Shinnoks and three Black Hawks, took part in the operation.

According to KRSC, the Peshmerga took the responsibility of the direct raid while the US forces had the supporting role. But due to the heavy fight which broke out between Peshmerga and ISIS militants, US forces had to intervene. One US soldier was killed and three Peshmerga were wounded as a result.

KRSC considers the Hawija operation as the “single most significant joint rescue operation based out of Kurdistan region conducted deep into the ISIL terrority.”

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    My condolences to the family of the fallen.