“Jihadi John” Leaves ISIS Fears Terrorists Will Kill Him!!!


Mohammed Emwazi otherwise know as “Jihadi John” is on the run in Syria fearing the Islamist regime ISIS is going to kill him.

He was identified as the murderer of both American and British hostages as well as Japanese journalist Kenji Goto.

He may have joined a less well-known jihadist group somewhere in Syria, to try to keep a low profile.

Emwazi is scared that “jealous” members of Islamic State may attack him, as well as being frightened of the British and US special forces hunting for him in the Middle East.

The extremist is wanted for the gruesome killings of journalists and aid workers Stephen Sotloff, James Foley, David Haines, Alan Henning and Peter Kassig.

Members of the SAS and US special forces have reportedly been given orders to capture Emwazi so he can be placed on trial, or to kill him if taking him prisoner is not practical.

He has not appeared in an Islamic State propaganda video, since Japanese journalist Kenji Goto was executed.




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