James Woods Blasts Obama For What He Quietly Did As We Mourned Paris

james woods

While the world watched in awe, as Paris suffered it’s largest homeland attack since WWII, U.S. President Hussein Obama was up to no good, in support of his Muslim Brotherhood, yet again. As Paris burned, and people frantically tried to escape with their lives, and find their friends and loved ones, Hussein Obama was busy releasing five of the most deadly terrorists in the world from their prison cells in Gitmo.

Actor James Woods, a noted conservative, who isn’t too popular among the homo-queer/lilly footed Hollywood elite posted the following social media comments in outrage over Hussein Obama’s actions:

woods 1

woods 2

Also, while Paris was burning, the first 10,000 of what is to be 200,000 “Syrian Refugees” landed on U.S. soil in New Orleans. 

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