JAILED Over Her Religious Convictions! Will She Be Thrown To The Lions? Learn Of Her Fate!


Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis, now famous for defiantly refusing to perform her duties as an elected official, has been ordered to jail.  In refusing to issue marriage licenses (including those to heterosexual couples), Davis was found in contempt of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of homosexual marriages.  It remains unclear how sending her to jail does anything but fuel the fire under this topic.

Personally, I do not know what the issue is… defiance of God’s command is sin, and such is between God and the individual.  Civil law is not designed around the concept of sin… it is designed around the concept of civil liberty and justice.  It is not the Christian’s place to command or to condemn.  That privilege belongs to God alone.  No where does the Bible grant an individual (other than an appointed or anointed “judge” either the right or the duty to decide if another’s actions or ideas are good or bad except within the confines of the individual making the judgment.  Decide for yourself what is right and wrong… it is not yours to decide for others.  Be careful not to confuse inward discernment (or judgment) with outward discernment… or you might be just as much of a stubborn persecutor as that Muslim you claim to despise so much.

Where, precisely, does either God or Jesus explicitly order Christians to persecute others?  For that matter, where do either of them even touch on the topic of homosexuality?  The Bible has both of them strangely silent on the subject, though countless others (including the writer of Leviticus [arguably Moses] and Paul) have chimed in on the subject.  Seriously… think carefully about where these ideas come from.  Are they truly from God?  Or are they an interpretation of God?  This is not about faith, it is about being right or wrong… and that, dear friends, is pride.

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