Jade Helm Update: Why Are There United Nations Up-Armored HUMVEES In The U.S.?


Last week, an article was circulating around the internet, in regard to Texas Rangers preparing to face and battle ISIS on U.S. soil. Mainstream media and intellectual elites alike laughed the information off and publicly labelled anyone concerned as ‘conspiracy theorists.’ Three days after the story circulated, ISIS terror cells launched an attack at an art competition in Texas.

One thing is certain. The world we live in today is not the same one that we lived in a generation ago, and it seems it’s not even the one we lived in just a few years back. After U.S. and coalition forces successfully drove Al Qaeda out of Iraq, the U.S. President, Barack Hussein Obama, pulled ALL peace keeping forces out of Iraq, allowing Al Qaeda to simply change their name to ISIS (they’re still the same people- those candy asses who don’t like bacon), and come marching south, cutting off heads and raping children, all along the path of destruction they left in retaking Iraq, a country previously liberated by the forces of good.

ISIS now claims they have nearly 100 other ‘soldiers’ in the U.S., prepared to launch attacks on Americans. Operation Jade Helm, an alleged military ‘training exercise’ is seeing military equipment shipped and readied all over the U.S., and now all U.S. military facilities have been put on high alert.

People- something is coming! Whether it’s martial law, or a full scale attack on U.S. soil by ISIS is not clear, but there is simply too much activity in our atmosphere.

The U.N. up-armored humvees below were spotted in Albuquerque, New Mexico on 6 May 2015.


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  • Joseph

    This is what you get when you elect a Muslime Facist President..

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  • I’m guessing they are either real and a part of the exercise, or they are not real, and are functing as roll players. There are frequently International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement Doctors without Borders, news media, other parties simulated in to training exercises to add realism. Great for training as these organizations are frequently seen on the battlefield. In fact, it would be irresposible to not have organizations such as this in any large scale training exercise.

  • Jared

    There’s a big factory in new mexico that makes these exact humvees, UN vehicles are not bought by the UN, but by sold and used for the country using them. That area is very popular in military testing and production.

  • Perhaps because this is where they are painted on configured you Jade Helm 15 morons. That’s a private carrier hauling those vehicles. That’s what they get paid to do, haul US government crap around. Point A to Point B. Oh by the way, those connex boxes behind Walmart are full of unsold Chia-heads that they will put out on the shelf in October. You will have to look in the mirror until then to visit with your inner Chia-head.

  • slingstone

    These aren’t up-armored.

  • Hansen

    They are being used in a movie that’s filming in New Mexico. You’re all idiots.

  • Deraj

    Jared, I think you’re full of it

  • wjshelton

    “After U.S. and coalition forces successfully drove Al Qaeda out of Iraq…”

    News flash: Al Qaeda had NO presence in Iraq until AFTER GW Bush had us invade. You were saying?

    As for the Humvees, they are made in the US. Painted before shipping, perhaps? * smh *

    • Timmi

      and we are still there under obama, except we have given back all that was gained…

  • John Deer

    They are all over the World, even in a Stone Age Country like South Africa.!!!!