Jade Helm Update!!! The Pope, Walmart, Jade Helm And The Destruction Of America As We Know It.


Pope Francis is going to make a speech at the United Nations on September 25, 2015. During this speech he is going to announce that there would be a One World Government set up. One of the main reasons for establishing the new government is going to be climate change. Make no mistake about it. The plan is to install Martial Law along with a money re-evaluation, which is a resetting of the value of money. Inflation is expected to go through the roof. It is said that a gallon of gas will go from the $3 dollar average that we have now to $30 a gallon. A $200,000 home will go to $2 million.

Walmart’s Role Will Be Fully Exposed  


Here is all of the shelving being trucked away from the Walmart in Midland Texas. If you are doing plumbing repairs why do you need to removal all of the shelving?


This picture shows the inside of the store after the shelving was removed. Can you see the black tarps that were put up?


This is a photo of the tunnels that are underneath one of the Walmarts, and that goes for thousands of miles.

See the job descriptions in the video that Sam Walton had before starting Walmart?

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  • Jeff Gerou

    i’m not doubting the connection with JH, but those containers are also used for storage for product if need be, so without proof of anything its hard to say.

  • Kathie Bentley Fisher

    OMG! The video showing the Walmart in Rogers!!! That is so much BS!! They are JUST REMODELING the layout of the store inside. They are moving shelving and updating some things inside like the pharmacy area and grocery area to make things better. I have been at this store when the construction crews are working. Just a few nights ago in fact. The store, which is the Pleasant Crossing store, is open!!! There are no big secrets or conspiracies going on. Walmart keeps these stores in the home office area up VERY WELL. Especially this store, which is aimed at their high income clients who live in the area. Look on a map there are many golf courses and gated neighborhoods just across the freeway from this store. This has NOTHING to do with Jade Helm!!! These people are idiots!!!

  • Ryan Breaux

    Well then Kathie, one could reckon that may be what’s going on at all of them, which is remodeling the layout of the store, however regardless of if they remodel it’s still the same dang store with the same stuff, question is why couldn’t they stay open while it was going on & just do parts of the store at a time ? I guess it was just a lot easier to have folks lose more jobs so they could knock it all out in one big thing instead of small sections but with the way things are right now in our country we didn’t need more people losing jobs because of this. Pretty sure this could’ve waited till later on down the line in some years to come but who knows, we don’t run the show.